Looking to Build a World-Class Marketing Organization? You’re Two Steps Away.


You’ve defined your brand. Planned your campaign. Laid out your marketing budget and data needs. You know precisely how you’ll engage your prospects and customers to generate leads.


Yes, your marketing strategy is solid. You’re revved up and ready to go.


On your mark, get set . . . .


Whoa! Not so fast. You haven’t completed the third step in our 5-Step Marketing Strategy Methodology. We call it Org: your marketing organization. Before rubber hits the road, your organization must be built right. Tuned up. And firing on all cylinders.


We’re talking, of course, about talent, teams, and how best to use them. Do you have the right people in the right roles? How can you be sure?


If you’re asking these questions, you’re in a great starting position. Today, we’ll guide you through the two phases of building a winning marketing machine. Do you have the right people in the right roles? How can you be sure?


First Order of Business: Optimize Your Internal Structure:

Marketing organization design is the first phase of the Org Step. In this phase, you’ll define your ideal structure and headcount to execute your strategy.


Define the Challenge:

Your marketing organization must meet the expectations of social and mobile business executives. This may require dramatic change. Creating a new model can be a complicated, disruptive affair. You also run the risk of making costly errors along the way.


Map the Solution:

Start by asking and answering the right questions, which include:


  • How do we build the right team in connection to our customers’ information-gathering and purchase-making decisions?
  • Which organizational model will best accomplish our marketing objectives?
  • What roles need to be filled? What are the responsibilities for each?
  • What headcount is needed by role?
  • How do we assess talent to ensure we have “A players” in each role?
  • For capabilities we don’t have today, how do we determine if we should buy, build, or outsource?
  • How should we transition from the structure we have today to the structure we need going forward?


To get your structure just right, you need to understand the entire Marketing Strategy Methodology. We cover all five steps in our latest research report. In its pages, we reveal how B2B companies become top performers. And stay on top, year after year.


Reading the report is easy. Then comes the hard part: applying what you’ve learned. We can help—in person, in your office. Just register for our “How to Make Your Number in 2016” Workshop. The 90 minutes you invest will be time well spent.


Second Order of Business: Marshal Your Outside Resources:

Your in-house marketing team can’t do it all. You need to extend your capabilities wisely to achieve both quality and efficiency. Your approach to agency management will help determine the fate of your marketing strategy.


Define the Challenge:

You can’t afford to staff a specialist in every area of marketing. But you need those capabilities. If you overload your team with too many responsibilities, their work product will suffer. You know you must outsource, but you can’t do it effectively without proper oversight.  


Map the Solution:

Tackle the outsourcing question from every angle.


  • What capability gaps exist in our current marketing staff?
  • How do we assess if a gap should be filled internally or outsourced?
  • How do we select the right agency partners?
  • How do we start up a new agency relationship?
  • How do we manage each of our agencies to make them a true extension of our staff and maximize their contributions?
  • How do we address issues with our agency partners?
  • How do we determine when an agency relationship is no longer needed?


Managing and maximizing agency partnerships can be tricky business. Many companies struggle with it. It pays to know the five keys to a successful relationship — and to keeping your strategy on track.


To Execute Well, You Must Get Your House in Order:

Will your marketing strategy succeed? That depends on the people you enlist and how wisely you allocate your resources. If you get this right, your marketing organization will run (and produce leads) like clockwork.


Marketing Strategy is just one of six links in our Revenue Growth Value Chain. Our “How to Make Your Number in 2016” Workshop can help you make sense of it all. Register today so you can put these insights to work inside your own company. And make substantial gains in the marketplace.


Mike Drapeau

Makes data and analysis come alive so clients can understand the “what” and “why” and design solutions that fit the environment.
Mike has led every function at SBI – Delivery, Sales, Talent, and Technology. Now he is a leader for Account Management, Private Equity Partnership, and long-term business development at SBI.


He has personally led over 100 projects for SBI over his decade+ time since its founding in 2006.


This starts by earning trust – of clients, of PE firms, of prospects. Mike obtains this by leveraging deep domain expertise, with more than 25 years in sales, competitive intelligence, sales management, marketing enablement, product management, pre-sales and sales operations. Mike relishes the idea of living in the field. So he does.


As a founding partner, Mike built out SBI’s library of emerging best practices for sales and marketing, which leads to evidence-based solutions, custom-fit to each client. Mike built himself many of the solutions now part of the Revenue Growth Methodology. And whatever he touches gets adopted. This is part of his commitment to making it happen in the field.
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