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You need to build the sales plan prior to the 2013 sales kickoff meeting.  Yet, you are missing critical pieces of information and the clock is ticking.  The field is rolling up dirty data that will take a long time to scrub.  Time you don’t have. The assumptions coming out of corporate are guesses made by people who have never spent a day in the field.  This data, if you can call it data, is what will be used to set quotas, compensation targets, and head count levels.  It is your neck on the line.  If you miss the number you will be on the street looking for the next gig.  Don’t let that happen to you.  This session is your chance to set yourself up for a great year by getting access to reliable, objective 3rd party sales benchmarking research.  When your boss comes to you with unrealistic expectations, be prepared to debate him with an undisputed fact base.  Use this research to secure the resources you need to be successful.


Here is what we have this year:


  • 12,505 B2B buyers told us how they make purchasing decisions and how they want to be called on.
  •  10,116 reps told us how they spend their time, what is working, and what is not working.
  • 4,506 sales leaders told us who they are hiring and how they are training the force.
  • 502 executives (CEO/CSO/CMO/CFO/GM) told us what they need from their sales forces in 2013.
  • 1,110 metrics across 19 industries were benchmarked.
  • 5,083 documents (comp plans, account plans, sales methodologies, etc.) were reviewed.
  • 317 mystery shops were conducted.
  • 1,500+ expert panel days were executed.  This captures what the best of the best reps are doing.
  • Over 300 days in the field riding with sales reps revealed what happens at the “moment of truth”, the call.


What do you get if you attend this session?


  • Case studies
  • Guides
  • Templates
  • Kits
  • Tools

…. All to help you make the 2013 number.


Who should sign up?

The content is designed to add value to sales leaders, chief marketing officers, sales operations managers, human resources executives, CFOs and CEO’s.  The most productive sessions are the sessions where all of these functional leaders are in the room together.  The process of comparing your 2013 plan to peer companies helps executives make the key trade off decisions, i.e. should we add more reps or invest in lead gen, etc.? I will supply the boxing gloves 🙂


What are the details?

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Here are the broad strokes:


  • These are onsite seminars.  One-on-one sessions between your team and our experts.
  • The seminar is at your location of choice.  We come to you.  You don’t have the time to fly to see us.
  • If your team is decentralized we can hold a web conference.
  • The sessions are free.  Our publisher has sponsored the event.
  • The sessions typically take 90 minutes.
  • The program is available from July to the end of October.


This is a first come first serve registration process.  The best dates go to the people who sign up first.  Last year, we “sold out” by August 31st so if this is something you want to do, please sign up soon.


Hope to see you soon.


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