VP of Strategy & Marketing demonstrates how to make the customer experience a competitive differentiator.

Our guest on today’s episode of SBI TV Mike McCalley, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing for CECO Environmental Corporation, a globally diversified and energy technology company.


Mike has been a Customer Experience (CX) pioneer. He embraced CX before it became a buzz word. Previously, Mike led Marketing at GE Power & Water, FlowServe Corporation, and Crane Co. He is now re-defining excellence at CECO through CX.


 Segment 1: Getting Started 


  • Customer Experience as a differentiator. minute 2:46
  • Mapping customer expectations. minute 4:06 
  • Meeting the customer where they’re emotionally attuned to your product. minute 5:39  
  • Embedding core tenants of CX design. minute 7:49 


Skip to minute 3:46 to listen to Mike describe how strategy and marketing work together to create the best customer experience possible:


“What’s our ideal customer? How do we best serve and fiot with them? If we can map that out, we can map their expectations to our ability to deliver and create a point of differentiation for them and help them deliver their outcomes and exceed their expectations …” 


Segment 2: Budgeting


  • How do you budget for CX design? minute 10:19
  • The system-piece vs. the people piece vs. the process piece. minute 10:58
  • Balancing experience with the product vs. the actual experience itself. minute 12:56 
  • How CX translates into revenue growth. minute 15:04 
  • Closing the loop and getting real-time feedback. minute 16:35 


Listen to minute 15:38 when Mike explains how CX translates into revenue growth:  


“You can replicate just about anything. You can replicate a product. You can replicate a technology, You can replicate a service. But you can’t replicate an experience…” 


Segment 3: Hottest Topics Facing Marketing Leaders


Skip to minute 23:53 to hear Mike detail how to run dynamic, successful marketing campaigns:


“You can’t sacrifice excellence for the sake of agility. And the other piece is avoiding campaign fatigue. We can’t learn at the expense of our customer’s experience…”


Want to leverage emerging best practices related to CX? If so, come to Dallas for an interactive workshop with our team of CX experts. We have CX assessments, content, benchmarks, frameworks, and process designs.


We look forward to working with you on them.


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