Speakers: Mark Roberts | , SBI


A quarter of all B2B companies have a CMO who has been on the job for 1 year or less. These leaders face similar challenges and opportunities in those critical first few months. We recently spoke with Mark Roberts, CMO at ShoreTel, on SBI’s Sales and Marketing Podcast. Listen here as he describes how to manage this transition. He will explain how new marketing leaders can successfully develop and execute their marketing strategy.  


Mark took the CMO job at ShoreTel just a couple of years ago and has overcome many of the challenges new CMOs face. During the show, he will discuss topics such as:


  • How and why new CMOs should consider a new brand strategy.
  • Whether or not to redesign the existing marketing campaign process.
  • How to select and implement the right marketing organizational design.
  • How to extend your marketing capabilities by engaging and managing the right agency partners.


Mark will then wrap up the show by giving new marketing leaders 3 actions they can take immediately. Listen here as Mark explains how to make the most of your honeymoon period as a new CMO. Learn from Mark’s experience, and get your marketing strategy correct right off the bat.