Generating marketing revenue contribution presents challenges for new CMOs. The traditional handoff of leads from marketing to sales is not working. Demand Generation must be integrated into the buyer’s journey from inception to a closed sale.


We recently spoke with Mark Roberts, CMO at ShoreTel, on SBI’s Sales and Marketing Podcast. Watch here as he describes how to manage the transition to revenue contribution. He will explain how new marketing leaders can successfully navigate the challenges faced.


  • How to assess rebranding vs. building on the existing brand. Mark walks through how to evaluate the attributes of the brand when making this decision.
  • An early area of focus, Mark evaluated the campaign process from start to finish. Watch as Mark describes how he transitioned activities to full campaigns.
  • Learn how Mark transitioned from a fragmented budget to total transparency. Mark describes how he brought his team together to unpack the budget number. This shifted the power from budget ownership to driving demand for the organization.


Mark wraps up the show by giving new marketing leaders 3 actions they can take immediately. Watch here as Mark explains how to make the most of your honeymoon period as a new CMO.


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