Ryan Hollenbeck, CMO at Verint, joins us to discuss the customer view within world-class CX programs.

Often, those who are in a selling role find it challenging to distinguish the customer journey from the buyer journey and what that means for them and their quota. However similar they may seem, their touchpoints, and the overall experience for each requires a unique skill set to keep a customer for life.


In his second segment, Ryan Hollenbeck, CMO of Verint, discusses how to manage the buyer and customer journey from end to end. Ryan shares the implications of failing to execute a strong CX program for not just sales, but the entire organization.


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Segment 2: Managing the Customer Journey


  1. How Verint’s listening paths have evolved over the years. minute 5:28 
  2. Identifying the separation between the buyer and customer journey. minute 7:08 
  3. Establishing a baseline customer journey across multiple products. minute 8:50


Skip to minute 9:55 to hear Ryan and Matt discuss the numerous touchpoints in the customer journey that can impact the overall experience:


“We look at it as certain key inflection points that are, they’re kind of obvious, actually. It’s during an implementation, for example. It’s during a buying process and when negotiations take place and you’re engaging not only with your account executive but also with our legal team… Each of these has very specific feedback that you need to be in front of it and on top of it or else you’re kind of on your back foot as you try to respond.”


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The Makings of a World-Class Customer Experience Program


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