EVP of Sales discusses how a business can move from a traditional offering and distribution channel into a new, hybrid approach.


Dave Peranich is the EVP of Sales for Palo Alto Networks a global leader in protecting its customers against cyber attacks. Palo Alto Networks is a company on an extraordinary growth trajectory.


Tune in to hear more from Dave on how a business can move from a traditional offering and distribution channel into a new, hybrid approach.


Segment 1: The Transformation of New Channels of Distribution 

  • The ever-changing coverage model, and new channels of distribution. minute 4:29 
  • Balancing not acting too aggressively and abandoning traditional channels. minute 7:18
  • Applicable indicators to use when looking at the growing the success of your company. minute 10:43 


Skip to minute 5:11 to listen to Dave discuss the ever-changing coverage model, and new channels of distribution: 


“It’s part of the chain of constant evolutions that happen in any growth business. In any growth business there are so many evolutions happening and they’re inter-related. We’re evolving from single product to multiple products, which we call the ‘security operating platform.’ That evolution has a lot of implication on sales, sales DNA, sales motions. And the channel motion that go along with that. We’re evolving as a part of that, from smaller, higher speed technology-based sales, towards more business value solutions sales. Which also has its own set of implications…” 


Segment 2: The Impact on Sales Talent When an Organization Moves into New Channels of Distribution

  • Up-scaling talent. minute 13:39
  • Setting the baseline for talent, org structure, coverage, enablement, and coaching. minute 17:00 


Skip to minute 17:53 to watch Dave explain how he approaches setting the baseline for org structure:


“I tend not to be a “I know the answer coming in,” kind of a guy. I tend to be the, “I’ve got a bag of different clubs in my golf bag,” and they’re good for different things at different times. You can’t drive with a wedge and you can’t chip with a putter…” 


Segment 3: The Need for and the Understanding of Roles for Specialists

Skip to minute 21:53 to watch Dave give his view on specialists:


“Everybody wrestles with this one. Nobody wants to spend the money, nobody wants to have the extra headcount, nobody wants that specialized execution and they just wish the core sales team could get it down. The challenging bit is, you can never overestimate how hard it’s going to be to bring a new product line into the market…” 


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