Chief Marketing Officers are struggling with guiding their teams on how to keep up. Inbound Marketing tactics are fueled by content.  There is never enough content to drive the lead generation engine. 


Marketing typically has a strong foundation of content.  This may include webinars, white papers, blog articles, and a new business video.  In addition, survey results provide a unique source of rich content.  This foundation of content is your saving grace.


The Cry for More Content from the Sales Field

CMO’s are constantly reminded by the sales field’s cry for new content.   The need for content is due to the increasing importance of education material for today’s buying process. 


Marketing content must sell while the rep isn’t present.  Prospective customers research solutions and wait until late in the buying process to engage sales reps.  Sales leaders are pushing their teams to engage earlier in the process.  Great content is the key to facilitating the buying process. 


Catch-up fast by multiplying this content by 6X.  Download the free Guide: Content Marketing – 6x Content Multiplier.


CMO Guidance for Content Multiplication

Take an agile marketing approach to content creation by leveraging existing marketing content. New Content Marketing best practices involve leveraging existing content to develop net new content.  The best practice is to leverage the Intellectual Capital within existing solid content.  Multiplying content involves pulling high value content from existing bodies of work.  This approach is your path to catch-up.   


One of the greatest aspects is that the leveraged content is already approved.   The approval time required on multiplied content is minimal or non-existent.  


Content Multiplying – Webinar Example

Webinars are typically comprised of a PowerPoint presentation and a live audio presentation.  This format provides a vast degree of content to leverage. 


Content Marketing Multiply


  • Individual slides of the PowerPoint can be pulled to serve as high-impact graphs for nurture emails.
  • Blog articles can be written from the talk track and supported with graphics from the slides.
  • White papers can be authored by taking the outline of the Webinar, and leveraging the transcript from the presentation to write new content.
  • Case Studies can be created from examples within the Webinar.
  • Customer and Expert quotes can be pulled from the Webinar talk track and used in brochures, website call-outs, nurture emails, etc.  Marketing struggles to find quotes, but often customers and industry experts will provide positive testimony and permission to leverage during a webinar.
  • InfoGraphics can be brainstormed from the body of content.


Modifying Written Content

Multiplying content goes beyond simply reformatting the same content into a different format.  A minimal level of net new writing and editing is required to multiply quality content.  The multiplication can be performed in a quality manner with minor modifications as follows:


  • Transitional sentences are written to work existing IP into new approaches.
  • New headlines and sub-heads are required.
  • Content editing to reduce the amount of content.
  • Brainstorm the organization of distributed content pieces into comprehensive bodies of work.


Modifying Video Content

The most expensive part of creating a video is the capture during the shoot.  Once the video footage is ‘in the can’ then editing can be used to multiply the value.


  • Extract multiple quick-hitting 30-second snapshots to be used for your website, social media, and nurture emails.
  • Provide your business development teams with 30-second email attachable video clips.
  • Insert video segments into new business PowerPoint presentations.
  • Screen grabs of existing charts/graphs are pulled as new content.
  • Transform existing new business development videos into a new customer welcome video.
  • Harvest new video case studies and add them to website product pages.


The free tool includes detailed guidance on how to multiply the following content by 6x:


Content Multiply Image 2


Additional Value: Feeding Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing Efforts with Content Snippets

Content extracts can take the form of ‘snippets’ that can be leveraged.  The following are just a few examples of how your marketing team can leverage pieces of content:


  • Pull a high value chart from a whitepaper and insert it into an email with a quick 1-2 sentence note.
  • Insert a case study video into an email template for reps to personalize.  The reps can then include comments about how the case study is relevant to the unique needs of the prospect.
  • Review the latest webinar and pull out the ‘million dollar slide’ from the deck that has the highest impact.  Send an image of that slide along with a link to the recorded webinar.



Marketing leaders have the opportunity to multiply existing content.  The newest Content Marketing best practice involves multiplying great content.  Multiplying content will give CMO’s valuable breathing room to catch-up.  Once caught-up, the continued multiplication process will help you stay ahead.


Download the free Guide: Content Marketing – 6X Content Multiplier