Does your revenue growth goal include an assumption for a yet to be released product? If the answer is yes, then the launch of this new product is critical to your success. Andrew Wright, the vice president of design at Cypress Semiconductor recently spoke with SBI about this topic. At Cypress Andrew is responsible for bringing in new business, from concept to profitability. Watch as he shares his expertise on planning, and executing a new product launch.


Andrew will begin the show by explaining how he sets his launch goals. He’ll discuss why at Cypress this is all about forecasting volume, and understanding the target customers. Next, he’ll dive into how he prepares the entire company for the new product launch. He’ll discuss their multi-phase approach to the launch process, and specifically the steps they take to equip the sales team. He will also explain how he identifies potential launch risks early in the process through a concept called rapid sequential phase gating.


We will wrap up the show by discussing the launch execution. Andrew will dive into who inside the organization should drive the direction of the launch. Additionally, he’ll cover topics such as sales compensation and how he determines if the launch requires a change to the sales incentive plan. And, finally, he’ll explain how to track success compared to launch expectations.


If you have an aggressive revenue growth target that includes a new product, you must get the launch right to make your number. Begin by watching Andrew’s expert insight into how to plan and execute a new product launch. If after watching you need more help consider downloading our annual operating plan workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. Complete the product launch and messaging exercise to determine if your product launch is going to generate the expected revenue.