Better_Sales_Enablement_with_SocialFirst quarter is wrapping up. Or maybe your fiscal year is just about to start. Either way, you’ve likely got some tough questions to answer. Are you getting results from your enablement efforts so far? Are you equipping your sales team to make the number this year? These are common questions for all good sales enablement leaders. But do you know what the BEST sales enablement leaders are doing today? What market leading companies are doing? You will now. Read on.


If Your Reps Aren’t Social Selling, They’re Not Selling (Tomorrow)

Social selling is here and it’s not optional. Every day, leading companies in a broad range of industries adopt social selling. Leaders in your industry. It’s the common thread. Your top competitors are social selling experts already. Or their reps are learning how to do it. Evolving. The best sales enablement leaders are speeding that evolution. Turning their sales reps into social sellers. What are you waiting for?


Good News: Social Selling Tactics Can Be Taught

You’ve heard of social selling. You’ve even thought about using it. You just need a little help. This tool will guide you through the process. A roadmap for building social selling skills into your enablement plan. It’ll help you roll it out and hit the ground running.


Sales enablement leaders have struggled with teaching the soft skills of selling. You’ve built and delivered countless hours of sales training content. Role playing. Coaching. Included the latest sales guru’s process. What results are you getting? Is it even measured? You need to show results now, right? Impact the number this year. Grow the buyer reach of your sales team. Generate more and richer sales calls.


Enable_Social_Selling_Tool_CTA3Soft skills are difficult to teach. Harder to measure. And worse, they’re not making an impact in most cases. Social selling skills are different. These skills can easily be taught. And most important…the impact is HUGE and it can be MEASURED. Are you ready to equip your sales team? Download this Free Guide.


What is Social Selling?

The definition of social selling can vary. Its core is simple though. Social selling practices use social tools (like LinkedIn) to drive richer buyer interactions. Leading your sales team to:


  • Broader reach and more buyers
  • Opportunities for social listening and buyer triggers
  • Targeted warm introductions versus cold-calling
  • More opportunities and bigger deals
  • Crushed quotas


  Why Are You NOT Enabling Your Reps for Social Selling Today?

You can turn your sales team into super stars this year. Move the needle on ‘B’ players. Social selling is teachable. It’s measurable. Your sales reps want it. The best do it today. Are you helping the natural process along? As a sales enablement leader, you want to make a positive impact. Now’s your chance.


Grow Buyer Reach… The Key to Success

Without buyers, your company is dead in the water. In social selling, step one is creating more reach. Specifically to your buyers (Don’t know who your buyers are? Check out our latest blog on Buyer Personas to help you find out). Without expanding reach to more buyers, you will not grow. Your enablement can show your reps how to do it.


No buyer reach means sales reps are shackled to more cold-calling. One percent success rates (or less). And complaints about sales enablement (or lack thereof). Change course. You can lead the way. Start integrating social selling skills into your enablement plan now. This free guide will step you through the process. A quick check list to build social selling into your enablement.


Gamify_Social_SellingGamify Social Selling Through Your Enablement

You want your sales enablement to be effective. To make an impact. Get adopted. Gamification can help you. And social selling is a great starting point. Perhaps the best. The returns are substantial so you should start now. Help your sales team grow buyer reach. Stop cold-calls. Drive more meaningful buyer interactions and win more deals. Your top competitors are already doing this. So no better time to start than today. Use your sales enablement plan to make a difference this year.