Speakers: Ed Arcinue, Aaron Stead |



Ryan Tognazzini of SBI recently interviewed two sales leaders working for fast growth companies. The 30 minute podcast “How to Balance Your Time: Achieving Short Term Results and Planning for the Long Term,” can be found here.



Ryan interviewed:


Ed Arcinue, Vice President of Sales for LegalZoom.


Aaron Stead, SVP of Sales for Infusionsoft.  


Ryan believes sales management best practices often originate inside of fast growth companies. His theory is that fast growth acts as a stress test for traditional sales management approaches. And under this stress, traditional approaches often break down. This drives sales leaders to innovate, resulting in new approaches. These new approaches become tomorrow’s best practices. 



By listening to this podcast, you can get access to tomorrow’s best practices, today.


I just listened to the show and took some notes.  Here they are:


“Stop doing things you should not be doing before you start doing new things,“ says Ed.


“You can have results, or excuses, but you cannot have both,“ says Aaron.


“If your CEO gave you an unlimited budget, what would you spend it on?“ tells Ed when asked about setting priorities.


“End each week by asking two questions: 1- Will this work at 10x the scale?, and 2- What did I do to cause this?” says Aaron when asked about personal accountability.


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