New research from Drift, SBI, and Heinz Marketing explores the digital transformation of sales and the impacts of conversational selling on sales productivity, effectiveness, and revenue.

The rate of digital transformation has accelerated greatly in the last year, sped in large part by the pandemic. Sellers are left with more channels to cover and interactions to manage, and buyers are often left to “choose their own adventure.” With nearly limitless access to content and resources online, buyers can find whatever information they need right at their fingertips. And this control further solidifies the buyer’s place in the driver’s seat.


But that control comes at a cost. And choosing your own adventure can have its risks. Because while buyers may have greater access and influence in the buying journey, they are also spending up to 15% of their time simply prioritizing and reconciling the information they’ve gathered.


Buyers rarely lack information. But they do lack the means to surface the right information faster. Now, more than ever, sales teams need to affirm buyers’ decisions and guide them towards their desired outcomes in meaningful, helpful ways. How can sales teams both enable their buyers and accelerate the conversion to revenue?


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