Are you re-evaluating your sales strategy looking to understand why you’re not Making the Number?


Your “Develop Sales Strategy” is the first step in building a World Class Sales organization.  It’s the framework that you built your strategy on, the world is moving fast and what was right 12 months ago, might not be right today.  Thrash around; you’ll waste time, energy, resources.  Start with the customer- or better yet- The Ideal Customer.


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Can you clearly articulate an answer to:  Who is my Ideal Customer?

  • Buyer Characteristics?
  • Buyer Feelings?
  • Buys On?
  • Buyer Knowledge?
  • Buying Pattern?


Today’s buyer is not the buyer of last year, last month or last week.  The incredible pressure to make better and smarter decisions has dramatically changed how your buyer consumes your product. Just consider this:

  • Each year the world produces 800 MB of data per person. It would take approximately 30 feet of shelf space to hold that amount of information in books.
  • The amount of data produced each year would fill 37,000 libraries the size of the Library of Congress.


Information is power and your Ideal Customer is consuming it in new and different ways. What does this mean for you? Clues or potential root causes could be found here:


When was the last time you analyzed the following:


  1. Closed Customers- did they align with my Ideal Customer Profile? Have I validated the motive they bought on?  Has it shifted or changed? What adjustments do I need to make in my lead generation strategy and my current opportunity pipeline?
  2. Current Opportunities- has my sales cycle increased?  Have my conversion rates dropped?  Inquiry to Lead? Lead to Opportunity? Opportunity to Customer? Can adjustments be made to better align with my Ideal Customer Profile? What analytics are available within my CRM? Have I validated it? If I make adjustments, what process and metrics will be used to measure success?


On-going validation of your customer will provide you the necessary insights that will allow you to be laser focused on making adjustment in the right places- Aim- Fire- Shoot.  A successful sales strategy starts with the Ideal Customer Profile, providing the anchor that allows everything else to be built upon.  


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