Chris Lonnett, vice president of Americas market development and operations at Motorola, recently spoke with SBI to discuss how he carries out his data plan inside an enterprise organization. Often, sales ops teams struggle to derive meaningful insights from data. But now, in the era of big data, sales ops leaders must successfully manage data planning to outsell and out-market the competition.


Define Data Architecture

“We started taking a more mature approach toward data planning,” explains Lonnett. What was his method? It was all about simplifying. His team got down to the basics and answered these questions:


  • Who are our customers?
  • Where are our customers?
  • What are they buying from us?
  • How are they buying from us?


Producing basic but useful data allows the sales team to be efficient and effective.


Clean Up Dirty Data

How does Lonnett overcome dirty data? He starts with the arduous task of cleaning it up. He uses data enrichment firms and data stewards. Then, Motorola has processes in place so that once the data is clean, it stays that way.


The key is operationalizing the data. If you create data and insights but you never use them, you’ll have no idea whether the data is clean. When you focus on the data that matters, you will gain insight into the state of the data.


Put Meaningful Data to Work

What sales technology stack does Lonnett use to support both sales and sales ops? Motorola’s CRM is the centerpiece. The company put an emphasis on simplifying fields and getting value out of the system.  It has also integrated platforms such as a forecasting module and a compensation tool. Why such a large use of technology? Ultimately, it’s about making the sales team’s lives better.


Lonnett shared three simple tips for sales ops leaders. First, simplify things. Zero in on the key items that you need. Next, operationalize. The sales reps and managers must use the data in their everyday jobs. And finally, partner with IT. This allows you to move fast, and become optimally equipped to enable the sales force.


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