SVP of Consumer Banking Sales and Support demonstrates how to orchestrate a world class customer experience.

Joining us on SBI TV is Doris Raimundi, SVP of Consumer Banking Sales and Support for US Bank.


In today’s show, Doris details how to orchestrate a world class customer experience. Why this topic? The customer experience trend is sweeping over the B2B landscape and companies are clamoring for guidance, insight, and ideas on how to implement it. In many ways, financial services is leading the way.


Below is a timestamped summary of the show segments and the topics covered.


Segment 1: The Concept of Emotional Narrative


  • Definition of Customer Experience. minute 1:28
  • Controlling the emotional narrative. minute 2:16
  • Customer experience initiatives that lead to customer advocacy. minute 5:21 


Skip to minute 1:55 to listen to Doris’ definition of Customer Experience:


The customer experience is one of perception, and it’s the perception of the individual. Not only are we involved in providing a product, providing a service to that customer, but you and I were both consumers of that as well. So client experience is about how your customer perceives your brand…”


Segment 2: Translating the Impact of CX


  • Exceptional Customer Experience. minute 7:26 
  • Assessing your team’s ability to deliver on CX. minute 8:37
  • Interlocking with other functions to ensure your CX is frictionless. minute 10:10


Skip to minute 8:05 to watch Doris discuss what makes an exceptional CX:


“An organization that only offers one delivery channel may be impacting their customer perception pretty negatively. That’s not a great client experience. What we see happening now in banking is an acceptance, an acknowledgement that multi-channel delivery is really critical to strengthening that customer experience…” 


 Segment 3: Maintaining your CX


  • Getting your insights, inspiration, and best practices for CX. minute 12:23
  • Closing the loop on customer complaints. minute 14:20
  • Cementing customer loyalty for life. minute 16:09 


Skip to minute 12:57 to hear where Doris gets her inspiration for CX:


 “I’m very fortunate that part of my role is overseeing our executive complaints. That is personally where I get a lot of inspiration for CX. Not a week goes by where I don’t personally speak with a customer who’s not happy about something. I read their letters and their emails and their tweets, and I have to determine how we respond to those...” 


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