Sales ConsultingYou can subscribe here if you like.  I wanted to thank three groups of people for helping us reach this milestone:


  1. SBI’s clients.  You have hired us to solve the most challenging sales problems.  With each project, we get smarter.  This allows us to share fresh insights with the world every day.  Thank you for the privilege to serve you.
  2. SBI’s consultants.  My team sacrifices billable hours to write an article every single day.  It is a rare person who would take an income hit for the betterment of the community, especially in the sales profession.  Your commitment to the firm’s community is appreciated more than you know.
  3. Sales Force Effectiveness Community.  Your contributions to the body of work is much appreciated.  We will continue to do our part and appreciate being part of the club.


Here are 5 posts from the first 500 hundred that generated above average interest:


“Why Sales Leaders Don’t Fire ‘C’ Players”


“Three Ways Sales Management Can Move ‘C’ Players to ‘A’ Players”


“Sales Strategy:  The 3 Things a CEO Evaluates a Sales Leader on: Company, Customer and Competitor”


“Sales Compensation:  How to Overpay Your Top Performers”


“Lead Gen: Stop Sending Your Competitors Your Call Plans Via LinkedIn”


Thanks again everyone and here’s to the next 500 posts.


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