Chief Marketing Officer demonstrates how to earn brand preference by satisfying the information needs of your target customers and prospects.

Kathy Juve - Chief Marketing Officer for Convergys


Joining us for today’s show is Kathy Juve, a B2B marketing leader who knows how to create brand preference that attracts more deals into the funnel at a higher win rate. Great content marketing brings your brand to life during the early-to-mid phases of the buying process.  Content tells your strategic story to motivate prospects to go from the problematic status quo to the opportunity-filled future by solving their biggest problem by purchasing your solution. Leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook to access a revenue growth methodology to hit your number quarter after quarter, and year after year. 


Today’s topic is Content Marketing and how to use content marketing to build brand preference that gives you a competitive advantage. It is hard to execute a Marketing Strategy to grow revenue faster than your competitors.


Our guest today is Kathy Juve, the Chief Marketing Officer for Convergys. The world leader in contact center outsourcing, Convergys is a $3 billion company who has fueled growth through robust marketing and sales. What differentiates the contact center outsourcing is their ability to provide analytics, technology, and automation solutions to help large enterprises execute their customer contact strategies.


Watch as Kathy demonstrates how to earn brand preference by satisfying the information needs of your target customers and prospects. This show illustrates that content marketing does more than drive leads into the funnel. Content marketing can satisfy the information needs of prospects and customers with the result of increasing brand preference.  This is a must watch interview for any executive with an organic growth strategy.


Why this topic?  Old activities-centric marketing organizational charts create ineffective silos and prevent revenue growth. Modern outcomes-centric marketing organizational charts eliminate silos, provide seamless integration with the product and sales teams and unlock trapped revenue potential.


In the first segment of the program Kathy and I set-up the use case for Convergys to give you context for how to apply this demonstration to your unique business.  We begin by outlining the audiences that Kathy prioritizes and we identify the information needs of the customers and prospects.  Kathy has a strong understanding of the audience expectations and while listening to the podcast you should be asking yourself if your team has a similar grasp of your target audience.  Finally, we discuss where the audience goes to fulfill their information needs so that we can understand the challenge involved in driving the audience to an alternate source of information.


Segment two establishes the objectives and business reasons for why content is created.  What business objectives does content accomplish?  Watch as Kathy explains her approach and you will understand that content marketing goes well beyond simply purchasing the latest analyst reports that support your business case. 


A unique discussion occurs by answering the question, what would you do with an extra $1M in marketing budget? Would you spend it on content marketing? This question unpacks the greater opportunity that eludes most companies. 


Kathy describes the content marketing staff allocated to develop content.  Watch this episode with your notebook close at hand while you think through how your company has allocated staff to execute your content marketing strategy. This is typically where marketing teams lack the manpower to execute the strategy.


Watch as we discuss the tools and process required to successfully execute content marketing.  Is your team writing content without the proven tools that best in class content creation teams are leveraging? 


We summarize the final segment by discussing the budget required for content marketing and how the content marketing line item fits within the budget.  Most companies profess to be performing content marketing, but the budget doesn’t match the objectives. Finally, Kathy outlines how to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing program.


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