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Dan Perry recently interviewed Matt Boice, Vice President of Sales Ops at TEN.  The Enthusiast Network, founded in 1948, is a media company with the largest concentration of males between 18-34 within the automotive and outdoor adventure market.  TEN has been on a tear lately growing their social followers 512% since 2013 sitting now at 74 million.



You can listen to the podcast here.


Matt was asked to play the role of “air traffic controller“ recently as the company reorganized the entire sales force. The directive from the CEO was to control two things: 1- customer retention, and 2- sales rep turnover. Reorganizations fail if customers and super star reps leave as a result.


Matt and his team retained 99% of the customers and 95% of the sales team.  These are extraordinary results.  Matt tells us how he did it in this interview.


During the podcast, Matt discusses:


  • Moving from a generalist sales force to a product specialist sales force.
  • Implementing a national account team.
  • Geographic customer concentration in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles as a design principle in building sales territories.
  • Building an organizational model around customer buying preferences.


Matt’s is an interesting case study.  Why?  His company is a 66 year old media company transforming itself.  Executing a sales reorganization is difficult in any industry.  But, executing a sales reorganization inside of an industry in the middle of being disrupted is extremely difficult. Therefore, we can learn a lot from Matt’s experience.


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