Speakers: Lauri Hanover | , SBI


Your pricing strategy is the backbone of any successful product marketing campaign. In order to make your number consistently, your product needs to be priced correctly. This requires a deep understand of product profitability. I recently interviewed Lauri Hanover, the CFO at Netafim, a global pioneer of the drip revolution. Together we discuss how to improve your company’s marketing strategy by determining the perfect price in regards to your cost.


During the episode, Lauri will discuss topics such as:


  • Why cost is the biggest influence on a sound pricing strategy.
  • How to factor in the costs of building, marketing, selling, installing and supporting your product.
  • How to determine a product price relative to your cost and product strategy.
  • What to pull from outside influences such as market trends and competitor pricing.
  • The first steps to putting a new pricing strategy into action.


You cannot make your number if your products are not priced correctly. It’s that simple. Your company cannot continue to innovate if the products aren’t profitable. Instead, listen to Lauri’s insights in order to partner with your CFO and calculate your true cost to build, market and sell your products.