Speakers: Terry Hicks | , SBI



Companies often spend about 30-40% of top line revenue on product, marketing and sales. This can be the largest expense on your income statement. Yet, many do not look at these as integrated expenses. On SBI’s Sales and Marketing Podcast, we recently spoke with Terry Hicks, Chief Product Officer at Infusionsoft about this topic. Listen here as he discusses how to integrate your product strategy with your go-to-market strategy.


Infusionsoft is a marketing automation software company dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Terry is responsible for the company’s entire product development process from determining where to focus the company’s efforts, through new product launch. During the show, he will answer questions such as:


  • How should you decide which markets to compete in?
  • How do you decide which problems your products will solve inside those markets?
  • How do you determine how you will uniquely win in each market?
  • How do you develop your product positioning strategy, including value propositions and competitive positioning?
  • How do determine your pricing strategy for new products?
  • How do you determine how products should be marketed, to which customers, and through which channels?


At the end of the episode, he will give our audience three tips they can implement immediately. Listen here as Terry describes the importance of integrating your product strategy. Your company is investing money in order to growth faster than their industry and competitors. Make sure you are getting it right by integrating your product strategy with your go to market strategy as Terry has.