Your product strategy holds a lot of weight. Its sets the direction for the company’s products, pulls insights from the marketplace and aligns with the corporate strategy. It must also set sales and marketing up for success. Listen as Mike Drapeau, Partner at SBI, and Kevin Avery, senior consultant at SBI, debate how to best develop your product strategy. Specifically, they will discuss how to define market segments, determine product portfolios, and bring new products to market.


During the episode, Mike and Kevin will hear from our audience. They tackle some of the common questions faced by product leaders such as:


  • How do I know if the product development team has solved the wrong market problem?
  • What should your product development process be?
  • Is having a best in class product the only way organizations can win in the market place?
  • What are the benefits of a product roadmap, and how can product leaders best develop them?


Ultimately, companies do not have enough resources to address every problem in every market. Instead, their product strategy needs to identify the most attractive market problems that their product can uniquely solve. And they must have a distribution strategy to bring these products to market. Listen here as Mike and Kevin go toe to toe on how the product team can best set the sales and marketing teams up for success.


Christina Dieckmeyer

Helps SBI and their clients make their number.
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Christina has been with SBI since 2009. She is an experienced marketing leader focused on helping SBI and their clients make their number. Christina is responsible for executing the operating plan for SBI’s marketing department by allocating resources efficiently to drive revenue. She drives the execution of SBI’s marketing strategy by building demand for our services, aligning with SBI’s corporate strategy and setting the sales strategy up for success.

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