This year at SKO, Sales Ops has some questions to answer. They will come from the usual suspects: field sales, management and the executive team.   We’ve spent time this year speaking with these stakeholder groups. We always ask them what they want or need from Sales Ops. So you’re prepared for the onslaught, here’s what you need to know. Think through these questions and how your organization is handling them today.




  • How do we get the most out of our Sales team? This is the core of the sales strategy. Getting great reps on great accounts, driving value for clients. Sales Ops must drive performance by optimizing 3 areas: people, process and technology. Be prepared to address these 3 critical success factors at SKO.
  • How do we know our strategy is aligned with the buyer? Great CEOs and VPs of Sales are asking the question. Bring insight into recent changes in buyer behavior. What is disrupting the way you currently go to market?
  • How can we improve alignment between sales strategy and corporate strategy? The entire organization needs to be rowing in the same direction. Seamless transactions internally will lead to better customer satisfaction. How can we better engage the rest of the organization?


To prepare for these questions, read through SBI’s 8th Annual Research Report. It is designed to help Sales Ops leaders create a winning strategy.





  • Are my quotas realistic? Sales Managers have to defend their team. Assigning quotas using the peanut butter spread approach will not work. Do quotas account for the total addressable market?
  • How can you help us reduce non-selling time? Sales reps should be spending 70% of their time selling. Managers should be spending half their time in coaching interactions. How will we reduce distraction next year, to maximize customer and prospect interaction?
  • How do you plan to reinforce our strategy? There will be new processes introduced next year. New plays in the playbook. New protocols and quoting tools. Sales Managers are seeing the information for the first time. How do we know it will stick?




  • How can you help me differentiate in a selling interaction? Customers are finding your Sales team boring. Just another vendor walking in the door. There’s no memorable moments or commercial insights. Customers are never fascinated with your team.
  • What tools will you give me to help move opportunities forward? Get the right sales content into the hands of the right seller. Deliver it at the right time through the right channel. Customer intimacy will be driven by content and interaction. Delighting your buyer with engaging information will prepare them to buy. What job aids and plays will help progress the opportunity?
  • How can you make doing business with us easier? The organization sometimes stumbles in delivering an excellent customer experience. Other functional groups cannot make doing business with us difficult. Sales Ops must be the internal champion for the Sales team. How can we ensure that when the Sales team executes, the organization follows?