Dallas, Texas – Sales Benchmark Index (SBI), a management consultancy specializing in revenue growth, today announced that Randall LaVeau has been named its global Marketing Practice leader. Randall has over 15 years of experience developing sales and marketing strategies and leading high-performing marketing teams.


Randall developed the SBI Revenue Growth Marketing Process, a transformational methodology that rapidly increases marketing’s contribution to revenue. 


His experience in marketing strategy, execution, and organizational change management enable him to understand the complex challenges B2B companies face as they work to execute their growth strategies. 


“Randall understands the B2B marketing landscape, trends and opportunities that will position SBI’s Marketing Practice as an industry leader,” said Matt Sharrers, CEO at SBI. “Having served as interim-CMO for many of our clients, Randall brings a level of credibility and trust to the role that we feel will help SBI achieve its strategic growth initiatives.”


“This is a very exciting time at SBI. I’m thrilled to join at this point in its strategic evolution. For us, Growth Marketing is the future,” said Randall LaVeau, SBI’s new Marketing Practice Leader. “SBI is already a respected management consultancy for revenue growth overall; we are now poised to become a top B2B marketing consultancy.”


Randall has worked at SBI for over four years, serving as a Sr. Consultant, Marketing Subject Matter Expert as well as interim marketing leadership roles at companies like Magento Commerce an Adobe Company and Chemical Abstract Services (CAS).


To learn more about Randall, visit https://salesbenchmarkindex.com/about-us/our-people/randall-laveau/


To contact Randall directly, email him at randall.laveau@salesbenchmarkindex.com



Mike Drapeau

Makes data and analysis come alive so clients can understand the “what” and “why” and design solutions that fit the environment.
Mike has led every function at SBI – Delivery, Sales, Talent, and Technology. Now he is a leader for Account Management, Private Equity Partnership, and long-term business development at SBI.


He has personally led over 100 projects for SBI over his decade+ time since its founding in 2006.


This starts by earning trust – of clients, of PE firms, of prospects. Mike obtains this by leveraging deep domain expertise, with more than 25 years in sales, competitive intelligence, sales management, marketing enablement, product management, pre-sales and sales operations. Mike relishes the idea of living in the field. So he does.


As a founding partner, Mike built out SBI’s library of emerging best practices for sales and marketing, which leads to evidence-based solutions, custom-fit to each client. Mike built himself many of the solutions now part of the Revenue Growth Methodology. And whatever he touches gets adopted. This is part of his commitment to making it happen in the field.
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