Why did SBI make this acquisition? 

Your deSales Consultants Buyerologycision makers have access to an unprecedented amount of information.  Before they grant you the first meeting, they have completed 50% of their decision making process.  Internet Search, LinkedIn, industry blogs, analyst’s websites, twitter feeds, and a host of other tools have altered the way your top prospects will enter your sales campaigns. Yet, if you are like most sales organizations, you have not mapped the buying process of these new buyers.  This is resulting in longer sales cycles, lower win rates, and difficulty in getting access to key decision makers.


With this acquisition, SBI strengthens its ability to help sales leaders to adjust to this new selling environment.  As key decision makers continue to change how they buy, sales organizations will need to alter how they build territories, generate leads, execute a sales process, build organizational charts, determine headcount, hire talent, set quotas and pay their people.  The purchase of the Buyer Persona Development Methodology, owned by Buyerology LLC, allows SBI to help sales leaders make these changes correctly. 


Who is Buyerology?

Since 2002, Buyerology (formerly Goal Centric) has been a leader in helping Fortune 1000 companies to create and implement buyer personas to guide buyer strategies.  Tony Zambito, CEO of Buyerology, after working with Alan Cooper (considered the creator of modern day personas) and his innovative design firm in the late 1990’s, invented the Buyer Persona Development Methodology.  Tony has created buyer personas and buying process maps for HP, FedEx, Oracle, Citicorp, Robert Half International, Reed Elsevier, Visa, Abbott Labs, St. Jude Medical Systems, Ernst & Young, GE, and Discover.  Tony’s expertise is in qualitative research methods and techniques designed to acquire deep insights about today’s connected buyer and  are used to understand dynamically changing buyer behaviors.  In his career, Tony developed expertise in sales management while serving in roles as V.P. Sales and Marketing for TRW, Knight-Ridder, and Compaq.


How does this acquisition help SBI customers?

I interviewed Tony last week.  Here are the answers to the three questions most important to you?


#1 – How do buyer personas and buying process maps help sales organizations generate more leads?

It is important to be relevant to buyers today.  Understanding how buyers think and behave gives you an edge to connect with them on their terms and in their language.  You generate more leads when buyers are attracted to content and messages that are tailored to them.  Marketing and sales needs to know how buyers buy through buying process maps and need the insight into why they buy to get the messaging on target.  Simply stated, buyers want to know that you “get it”.


#2 – How do buyer personas and buying process maps help sales organizations win more deals?

Buyers today are self-directing nearly 50-60% of the buying process before sales gets direct contact.  So when sales get involved, they need to be ready to go.  Buyers have greater expectations today and are counting on sales to help them solve their problems and meet challenges.  Knowing your buyers at a deep level, knowing how to converse in their language and terminology, and knowing their buying process means having a greater chance to win over your competitors. 


#3 – How do buyer personas and buying process maps help sales organizations shorten the sales cycle?

Buyers today have little tolerance for sales reps not having an understanding of their situations and challenges.  Buyer personas and buying process maps help sales team gain accelerated knowledge and the best part is that they then know how to help buyers accelerate their own decision-making.  This is the goal – to help your sales teams become more effective and productive. 


How you can benefit from Tony’s expertise?

Tony can help your organization get underway in developing a deeper understanding about your buyers through buyer personas and buying process maps.  This deeper understanding gets your sales team to become effective in getting more leads that are sales-ready, having more productive conversations, being better problem solvers, winning more deals by mapping to how customers buy, and building loyalty. 


Tony’s dance card is going to fill up quickly.  If you would like to speak with him about helping you, please send an email to christina.dieckmeyer@salesbenchmarkindex.com.  Christina is managing the requests and will do her best to make sure you get an opportunity to connect with Tony.  I would ask for your patience.  Word leaked of this announcement and the volume of requests has been greater than anticipated.  Thanks in advance for your patience.


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