Every sales channel communication you have should be outward focused.  We all know this but I am consistently surprised at the number of partner recruitment packages that are supplier focused.  In designing the package, you should put yourself in the partner’s shoes and ask yourself what would I want from this supplier


Here is a short list, which I certainly welcome feedback on for the benefit of all readers:


  • The amount of money they can make with us
  • The kind of sales support you will provide
  • The kind of tech support you will provide
  • The kind of marketing support you will provide
  • The ability to white label, OEM or customize your solutions
  • How you handle pricing assistance
  • Specifics on the on-boarding program
  • How you handle channel conflict (viv-a-vis other channels and your own sales org)
  • How you manage the go-to-market plan including the media plan


When you build your recruitment package around these topics, you come to grips with how well defined these items are today.


One of our clients took an honest look at how they on-board their partners and realized it was an ad-hoc process driven by the assigned channel manager.  The revised on-boarding program included pre and post launch activities with a clear curriculum and regular bi-directional communication on progress.  This had the effect of accelerating ramp time for the next 3 partners by 14 weeks


Does your recruitment package address the points above?  If not, your potential partners might be tuning you out.