top sales consulting influencers This is meaningful to you for a couple of reasons.


First, we have much respect for the people who are on this list. Learn more about them here.  If you enjoy our blog, check these blogs out


Second, OpenView Labs’ methodology in selecting its top influencers is a peek into the future. OpenView Labs leverages the Klout True Reach metric to calculate social media influence. Do you know what Klout is? What is your Klout score?


The level of accountability of sales leaders is going up exponentially. Yesterday, you could claim you had “great relationships in the marketplace.”  Today, this claim can be verified and turned into a score that can be compared to others making the same claim.  Last week I saw a job spec for a VP of North American Sales for a $2 billion business services firm written by an executive search firm. This $500k/yr. position has as its third requirement “a Klout score above 40.”   The days of a CEO awarding this kind of pay package to a sales leader after making a few calls to check the candidate out are coming to an end.  Sales leaders can no longer fake it. In an online world, everything is measureable, including your personal brand


Here is your call-to-action if you are a sales leader with a low Klout score:

1- Read this book to find out what the best sales leaders in the world are doing


2- Schedule some time with Ryan to understand how to leverage social media


3- Watch this webinar to learn how to use social media to generate leads


Last week Facebook filed for an IPO. They have 875 million users with most spending more daily time with Facebook than newspapers, TV, and Radio combined. Yet, our sales consulting firm still runs into sales leaders who tell us that their customers are not on social media and suggest they don’t need to be either. I wonder what their Klout Score is?


Here is a question for the subscribers:

“Do you believe there is a correlation between a sales leaders influence and his/her ability to make the number?