Too often sales enablement is confused with sales training. This common mis-perception can lead to a ton of wasted resources, and missed revenue opportunities. Instead, the best, and most successful sales strategies have an enablement program in place. Listen as we discuss how to get the right sales content into the hands of the right reps at the right time through the right channel.


During the episode, my colleague Eric Estrella and I will discuss topics such as:


  • The definition and the reasoning behind a sales charter.
  • How to develop the sales enablement content you need.
  • How to create sales playbooks, and use technology to your benefit.
  • How certification, gamification and coaching impact your sales enablement program.
  • The best way to measure the success of you sales enablement program.


Sales enablement is so much more than just sales training. If done the right way, it helps ensure that sales leaders make their number consistently, and effectively. Listen here as we walk you through, step by step, how to develop and execute your sales enablement program.


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