Furthermore, Geoffrey James points out in Outside Sales Versus Inside Sales that 41% of Outside Sales activity takes place over the phone anyway.  Also, with the technology available today, you can use computer cameras or webinars to enhance the interaction between Inside Sales professionals and clients.  So what does this information tell us?  Inside Sales could be a good way to augment your outside sales efforts.


Implement World Class Inside SalesInside Sales Benefits

  • Cost: 1) No travel/entertainment expense 2) Lower pay grade 3) Lower commission structure
  • Reach: able to virtually contact a large number of prospects or customers
  • Consistency: Inside Sales can all be housed under one roof.  This allows for consistent training, messaging, and management of the Inside Sales team


Are you interested in implementing or enhancing an Inside Sales Organization?  This is how to get started?


What NOT to Do

  • Pull low performing sales reps from outside positions  because it is “easier”
  • Give someone a phone and tell them “GO!”
  • Transition your customers before you have a well thought out Inside Sales Infrastructure
  • Try to figure it out as you go


What to Do

Develop a comprehensive implementation plan.  Here are some recommended components.

  1. Project Management: The strategy and project team
  2. Integration: develop a plan to ensure Inside Sales is part of the fabric of your organizational processes
  3. Process & Relationships: Roles & Responsibilities, Process Flows, Departmental Integration
  4. Metrics & Reporting: Success Metrics, Dashboards, Scorecards
  5. Technology: CRM, Telephones, System integration
  6. Recruiting & Hiring: Competency Requirements, Sourcing, Acquisition
  7. Onboarding & Training: Onboarding Plan, training curriculum, Role Plays, Ongoing Cadence
  8. Curriculum: Training templates, Phone Scripts, Meeting Agendas, Email Templates
  9. Customer Transition: Communicate the benefits to your customer base and introduce the “new” representative
  10. Audit: Determine the level of success and any necessary changes


You are probably thinking that this sounds like a lot of work.  It is.  If you want a World Class Inside Sales organization, follow these steps and you will have a high performing team that could increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales organization.


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