Speakers: Kimberly Appleton, Kimberly Appleton leads Sales Operations for On Semiconductor, a $2.7 billion company.[p] Chris Fris | Matt Sharrers, SBI



Here is a 30 minute podcast for sales ops leaders inside of big companies.


Sales ops inside of companies with thousands of employees, and billions of revenue, is hard.Sales_Ops_Inside_Big_Companies1 


To help make it easier, Matt Sharrers caught up with two enterprise grade sales ops leaders.


Kimberly Appleton leads Sales Operations for On Semiconductor, a $2.7 billion company.


Chris Fris leads Sales Operations for Ryder, a $6.5 billion company.


Both shared great wisdom during the show, and are highly entertaining. Spend a few enjoyable minutes listening to this podcast on the way into the office.  Here are a few memorable quotes:


“There are 3 sides to every story. What sales said happened, what the BU said happened, and what really happened. Sales Ops has to find the truth.”



“An army of Excel experts pivoting the heck out of data is not the answer to reporting “


“72 hours of prep, 24 hours before the review, is not a forecast and pipeline management process.”


“Planning for the New Year is about anticipating the ask.  If you wait for corporate, it will be too late.”


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