Founding FathersOver the last several months, I have been helping a number of organizations redesign their sales process. As we have reached the piloting portion of the project, tensions always start to rise because we are talking about executing true change. The tension has led to productive conversations with my clients about how their talent is going to react and the technologies that are going to require changes. These core issues are why it is so imperative to have a complete sales performance management program that is detailed and succinct so that you can successfully implement and execute on the strategies and process that have been developed to achieve that sales goal commitment and execution.


In the 1700’s, the United States founding fathers had a goal of creating a nation where all men are created equal. We all know how the story plays out with the Colonies winning the Revolutionary War and establishing the Unites States of America. However, without the commitment and ability to execute from our founding fathers, the world would be a much different place.


Since the two major pieces of Sales Performance Management are process adoption and technology, lets look at them individually.


Process Adoption

One of the most discussed points of designing a sales process is what job aids or tools are we going to supply the sales force with?, and how are we going to monitor (or in some cases enforce) how the job aids are being used. The way you determine adoption is through observation and measurement. To get a head start on completing this process, download the Sales Performance Management (SPM) Gap Finder Here. Take this tool and review a sample or all of your sales reps to determine if the items that you need to ensure success are actually being accomplished.




Once you had filled out the gap finder, look for the No’s and Inconsistent’s to determine where you have gaps. From this point you can develop a plan for behavior change to ensure you are maximizing the sales process and the sales strategies that you have some painstakingly built.


Technology Change

Any time you change the sales process invariable technology changes will have to be made as well. Whether it is, updating the sales stages, including new job aids, or the way you track sales time, a significant number of changes are going to have to be made. Follow these 5 steps to determine the technology impact:


  1. Determine the metrics that need to be tracked
  2. Prioritize those metrics into three categories (Critical, Important, Nice to have)
  3. Identify the job aids that are required in the Sales Process
  4. Evaluate which job aids can be integrated into your CRM
  5. Ascertain the best course of action to ensure remaining job aids are adopted


At the end of the day, implementing a new sales process or any other strategic changes, is all about the commitment. Our founding fathers felt compelled to change the world and fight for their goals. Their commitment was undeniable. If you are committed to implementing the strategies and process that your organization has built make sure you build a Sales Performance Management Program to ensure execution.