Sales performance management metrics match growth modelFor example, during the Start-up phase of growth, sales revenue is a primary measure, but not so high a focus on cost and profitability as would be in the Re-Evaluation phase.  Aside from the ever present sales revenue figure, here are some suggested metrics to ‘grow with’ as your company’s sales organization and sales techniques move into each of these phases of growth.


1. Start-Up Phase

  • Monthly Sales Volume by seller, district, region, channel partners
  • Number of new accounts
  • Average sales per account
  • Market share and market share growth rate
  • Win rate
  • Number of leads
  • Number and a quality metric of Sales personnel


2. Volume Growth Phase

  • Number of new and retained customers
  • Increase in existing customers’ purchases
  • Sales force sizing/structure ROI metrics
  • Sales performance to quotas
  • Conversion, Penetration and Retention metrics
  • Sales process and system compliance metrics
  • Sales Performance Management system use
  • New hire ramp time to success


3. Re-Evaluation Phase

  • Cost of sales (reduction)
  • Sales productivity (improvement)
  • Profitability
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Return on Sales/Return on Marketing Investment
  • Margin metrics
  • Selling time
  • Sales program/process effectiveness


4. Optimization Phase

  • Refined Sales strategy performance
  • Ideal Customer match
  • Account Segmentation cadence measures
  • Product performance
  • Key account retention
  • Sales Force Effectiveness improvement program measures


More detail on these metrics and a full explanation of the four Sales Growth Phases can be found in David Cichelli’s book “The Sales Growth Imperative”


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