It is important to understand that the role of SPM isn’t simply to identify issues, though.  It is to be able to identify how the sales organization is working, be it for good, for bad, or for functional purposes.  When considering the benefits of a thorough SPM framework, understanding the flexibility of its role is critical.


The role of management, as you well know, is not simply to act as the maintenance workers on a sales department; to run from issue to issue and to apply patches where they are needed.   Nor is it simply to aspire to move to the level of an external benchmark.  In fact, you strive day in and day out to maximize the output of your sales force through direction, process, coaching, and any other tool at your disposal.


So if we reflect on what SPM provides, it is a perspective on what is not working, what is working, and what is excelling.  Right there is a positive source of potential from SPM: it can point to excellence.  In every sales force there are bright spots and key performers.  These bright spots can certainly be from hard work and talent, but it can also be the result of best practices.  Every time a pocket of excellence is identified, the proper reaction isn’t simply to say “wow, that region is doing great in that metric…  good for them.”  Instead, you should be asking “why are they doing so well, and is it something that the other parts of the organization could use?”



When SBI engages with a company, we do not only consider external best practices and build from there.  Instead, we recognize that many unique practices that drive sales are already held somewhere within an organization, waiting to be distributed to the entire sales team.  You may not be able to use the same thorough approach as we can as a focused external organization, but you can still find and distribute some of those internal best practices when they become apparent.


Comprehensive Sales Performance Management provides a window to your organization.  What you look for in that window is up to you, but keep in mind that both the good and the bad have their uses.  A sales leader who is focused on the maintenance role can certainly refine an organization, but a sales leader who is building on the positive at the same time can help bring the organization to the next level.


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