Measuring leading indicators for success is how World Class sales organizations ensure they are making decisions based on what is about to happen vs. looking in the rear view mirror at what already took place.  To achieve leading indicators goals, your sales team must understand what activities are expected.  A clear role cadence brings clarity to how the day-to-day of the role should be executed.


Example Account Manager Role Cadence:


Sales Role Cadence


Sales Role Cadence Components:


    • Define interactions with direct supervisor – 1-on-1 coaching, training meetings, field time.
    • Define interactions with account stakeholders (or prospects in hunter role) – who does the Account Manager need to be interacting with and on what frequency?
    • Outline meeting topics for discussion – what is the purpose of each type of meeting and with which stakeholder should the meeting be held?
    • Outline role scope – how many accounts, total revenue managed, pipeline size, etc.


The activities captured in the cadence are the recipe that helps the sales professional meet their scorecard metrics. Developing a sales role cadence brings clarity to how each role within the sales force contributes to the sales strategy.  This will help alleviate inefficiencies due to duplicative efforts and make your Go to Market Strategy more effective.


Call to Action:


1. Clearly defined the reporting structure and responsibilities for each sales role

2. Define customer and/or prospect touch requirements

3. Outline the desired portfolio or territory size for the role


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