It’s the time of year when many sales leaders are considering changing their compensation plans as part of the strategic planning process. Does your sales compensation plan need an overhaul? I recently hosted a debate between Mike Drapeau, Partner at SBI, and Kevin Avery, Senior Consultant at SBI on the topic of incentive compensation. Listen as they answer common questions and help our audience determine if they should consider redesigning their sales comp plan.


During the episode, Mike and Kevin will go toe to toe, and answer key questions such as:


  • What should sales leaders look for in their overall sales strategy before making any changes to their comp plans?
  • What are the right reasons to change your sales compensation plan? And what are the wrong reasons?
  • How should sales leaders evaluate potential new compensation plans?


As a sales leader, you need an effective compensation plan that motivates the right behaviors. Determining what this plan should look like can be difficult. Listen as Mike and Kevin explain how to best evaluate your current plan, and its impact on your sales strategy.

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