Winning Sales Strategy

When I think of professional football- the organizational structure looks similar to what we see in corporate America today.  Living in Dallas, it’s hard for a day to pass without hearing about Jerry Jones.  He purchased the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $150M, which is today valued at $1.65B. His team won 3 Super Bowls in the first 7 years he owned the team.  His business acumen has generated millions of dollars in broadcasting rights, partnerships for the Cowboys organization and the NFL.  As CEO, he’s responsible for the strategic vision of the team.  Each football season is analogous to a fiscal year, focused on one thing: Winning the Super Bowl.


Do you have the talent on your team to be playing in the Super Bowl?

Winning is about strategy, execution and talent.  Today it’s all about talent and its role in getting to the Super Bowl.  You’ve built a solid sales strategy, allocated the appropriate resources to demand generation and lead management.  Now, you need to calibrate and evaluate the required talent to execute your sales strategy. 


What talent do you need to acquire, trade or retire?  What depth of review and analysis have you conducted on your players?


  1. Have you evaluated them against current objectives and performance?
  2. Have you scored them against your accountability and competency scorecard?
  3. Have you measured their improvements from prior year performance?
  4. Have you ranked your sales leaders and sales professionals A, B and C?
  5. Have you developed a plan to move C players out and developed the B’s into A’s?
  6. Built a plan for “Topgrading for Sales” your organization?


What about the new roles that will be added into your new sales strategy.  When do these roles impact the results of the new plan?  Have you defined the roles and created the job descriptions and competencies required.  Does your plan today include the necessary time to recruit, hire and on-board these new roles. 


As CSO of your team, you’re expected by your CEO to execute his vision and plan.  The greatest sales strategies have no chance of success if you’ve neglected the due diligence on talent.  Success depends on your “A” players executing.  Winning a championship requires a great sales strategy, executed by great talent.