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Founded in 2006, Radian6’s unique technology assists in the monitoring process of millions of “conversations” happening across every social platform.  As many as half of the Fortune 100 companies already subscribe to the unique dashboard style listening station that the innovative Radian6 provides. 


Salesforce.com made a more subtle investment 3 weeks ago as they joined with Sequoia and Google Ventures, to invest $32 million in inbound marketing giant Hubspot.  Cambridge, Massachusetts based Hubspot, provides all in one marketing software used by over 4000 businesses to “get found”.


How Does This Impact B2B Lead Generation?

For quite some time I have spoke of the 3 Keys To An Effective Lead Generation Process.  No where to be mentioned was “Listen”. The acquisition of Radian6 by Salesforce.com solidifies the significance of “Listening” as a key to a successful Lead Generation Strategy.


Radian6 tells us to Listen and Engage at the Point of Need.  The implied need is not however at the point of purchase.  The need is where we come in.  Not only will listening help us find more leads, it will help us to more closely identify which of the three types of needs that our lead has:


Expressed – By listening more closely, and identifying leads with expressed needs, we will be better equipped to not let the low hanging fruit slip by us.  The results are a focused and relevant content marketing strategy.


Unexpressed – By listening more closely we will be able to identify a need that a lead is aware that they have, but has not expressed to us directly. The results are a content marketing strategy that makes the lead aware of our solution for that specific problem. 


Unknown – By listening more closely we will be able to identify an opportunity to create awareness within an existing lead. The results are a content marketing strategy that is narrow and deep and illustrates a point of view where the lead simply admits that the issue illustrated cannot go unresolved.  


On top of listening, the acquisition of Radian6 by Salesforce.com will make Monitoring and Engagement now trackable. We will be afforded the ability to log Social Activity in our CRM as we monitor the number of impressions we are generating with each lead in our funnel.  


Typically it takes 7 impressions for a lead to engage with us, so the tracking of that activity is imperative to keep your marketing relevant, while advancing at an appropriate pace.


It appears that the loop is closing and sooner than later Salesforce.com will be able to provide us with the ability to Listen, Get Found, Content Market, Convert, Analyze and Repeat, all without ever logging out of our very own cloud.



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