The experts include:


Heads of Sales:


  • Joe Vitalone, Executive Vice President of Mitel Networks and President of the Americas region
  • Chris Perry, President of Global Sales, Marketing and Client Solutions for Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • John Gleason, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Ryder Fleet Management Systems


SBI Partners:[p]

  • Mike Drapeau, creator and owner of SBI’s benchmarking database and its library of best practices
  • Aaron Bartels, who has solved some of the biggest problems for some of the world’s largest, most complex sales forces


This panel of experts forms a balanced council of “street smarts” and “book smarts.” We couldn’t ask for a more experienced and well-rounded group to answer – and debate – the questions Matt Sharrers poses about the common problems executives encounter.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why superior performance conditions are critical to recruiting and growing superior talent
  • Why these two groups are split on the importance of talent versus performance conditions – and why it’s such a hot-button topic
  • How much of a sales organization’s leads should come from within the sales organization
  • What market conditions to consider when setting expectations for next year with the C-level
  • How to know if there’s headroom to grow in your market
  • The #1 way to ensure your organization and your company can recover from big setbacks
  • Why your organization should embrace the business case – and how to create one that works


The dynamic conversation between these three heads of sales and two game-changing SBI partners will give you more than just food for thought. It will give you actionable insights you can use to get ahead in 2016 – and beyond.


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