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6 Ways to Align BDR’s

Maximize the effectiveness of your pre-sales team through 6 steps. Aligning them to your sales teams with these techniques to increase conversion rates, shorten sales cycles and increase deal sizes.



The CX vs. CO Debate – Which One Wins?

Customer Success requires a transformation of your company. How do you translate Customer Experience to a B2B environment, while still delivering value for your Customer? This article will help you understand where to prioritize your efforts.


How Top CMO’s Determine Where to Spend

Learn about the newest tool to help you make data driven decisions by putting customer preference at the epicenter.


Unlocking the Secrets of Revenue Attribution

Chief Marketing Officer illustrates how to apply revenue attribution to marketing.





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Randall LaVeau

Leverages the SBI Benchmarking methodology to help companies make the number.

Randall has over 10 years of experience developing scalable sales and marketing programs that range from demand generation to website optimization and sales effectiveness. He has created, coordinated and executed lead generation plans, programs and campaigns for new customer acquisition and existing customer retention. Additionally, Randall developed and managed advanced integrated marketing plans, translating innovative concepts into actionable strategy to enhance brand and product positioning and drive revenue. Randall’s skills include marketing strategy, lead generation, persona development, inside sales team development, sales coaching and sales enablement.

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