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What Is the Connection Between Setting a Product Vision and Revenue Growth?

Every new product starts with a vision. But that vision can only be fulfilled if it is shared and understood by all key stakeholders. What are the keys to gaining this level of alignment?



Do NOT Release Funds for Your New Product Until You Know This

The best product in the world can fail if you select the wrong routes to market. You need to drive your team to consider this early in the product development process.


A Product Platform Empowers Your Organization and Unlocks Customer Value

Your customers are loyal when you provide them a Platform. Those same customers pick and choose based on price or spec sheet when you provide them mere point-products. A Platform approach rewards you and your organization with devoted customers with lower CAC and higher CLTV.


Ways to Use Bundling to Drive up Your Average Sales Price (ASP) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

To increase our ASP and CLTV, we need to coordinate our product, pricing, and marketing strategies. This means we need to understand the relationships and impact of each on bundling.




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Dan Bernoske

Develops innovative revenue growth solutions and designs the SBI client experience.

Prior to SBI, Dan held business development, sales, and product management leadership positions at several start-up companies, developing Apple iOS platforms and E-Commerce-based social networks. Most notably, Dan was co-founder of Video Lantern, an online video advertising sales and operations firm. He is Six Sigma certified from GE.

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