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Are Your Portfolio Companies Optimizing Their GTM Resources?

Waste and inefficiency are the enemy of growing enterprise value. It isn’t enough to simply have an org chart, budget plan, and strategy laid out. You must match up the right people, with the right resources performing that strategy in order to grow above competitors in your industry…


How Operating Partners Can Kickstart Growth for their Portfolio Companies with Six Steps

In the race to a successful exit, chasing your competitors isn’t an option. Looking to best-in-class benchmarks, regardless of industry, can help spur growth for portfolio companies. Operating partners looking to improve valuation metrics need to look outside of industry benchmarks to drive higher multiples…


Holding a Summit for Your Portco Revenue Leaders

SBI’s CEO, Matt Sharrers, details the benefits of holding a summit for your portco revenue leaders in a one-minute master class video…


Best Practices for Operating Numbers in Annual Planning

SBI’s CEO, Matt Sharrers, gives three tips for operating partners that are getting stressed as they think about the annual planning and how they’re portfolio companies are building the revenue plan for next year…



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Mike Hoffman

Helps clients find and drive the handful of things that really matter in creating equity value

Mike is Managing Director of Private Equity for SBI.  He helps lead value creation programs for PE firms and their portfolio companies. He also assists with strategy development and deal model development with PE firm deal teams and their respective companies and targets.


Mike has the unique ability to uncover the things that will drive real equity value within companies, and then help the SBI team and company management teams lead the execution necessary to unlock that value. Mike is comfortable in a board room, on a sales call, or in front of spreadsheets building operating models and compensation plans. One of Mike’s biggest strengths is taking very complicated concepts, and finding a way to communicate them in an incredibly effective manner.

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