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Should Your Field Marketing Team Own a Number?

Of the myriad marketing roles in today’s workforce, none is more widely misunderstood than field marketing. The bad news is marketers tend to have a blind spot to how they’re perceived in the organization. But the good news is marketers are well-equipped to solve this branding challenge. It’s time to rebrand the field marketing role…


Is Execution Your Marketing Achilles Heel?

All too often, we hear marketing executives say, “We have the right people, the right agency, the right tools, but we’re not hitting the objectives. Why?” The answer lies in marketing execution…


Bad News – Your Expensive MarTech Stack Doesn’t Mean You’re a Digital Innovator

Marketing leaders tend to focus digital initiatives on one thing: lead generation. So, if you’re like most CMOs, you’re investing a lot of time and energy into your website, marketing automation platform and analytics tools…


How the World’s Top CMO’s Take Ownership of Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

The CMO who exclusively focuses on new lead gen is falling behind the market, their competitors, and their peers. Elevate your marketing capability in 2019 by taking ownership of Customer Lifecycle Management…





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Randall LaVeau

Leverages the SBI Benchmarking methodology to help companies make the number.

Randall has over 10 years of experience developing scalable sales and marketing programs that range from demand generation to website optimization and sales effectiveness. He has created, coordinated and executed lead generation plans, programs and campaigns for new customer acquisition and existing customer retention. Additionally, Randall developed and managed advanced integrated marketing plans, translating innovative concepts into actionable strategy to enhance brand and product positioning and drive revenue. Randall’s skills include marketing strategy, lead generation, persona development, inside sales team development, sales coaching and sales enablement.

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