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Your Product Does Not Sell Itself — Why Clarity Between Product Management & Marketing is Critical

Don’t let confusion between product management and product marketing responsibilities risk your product’s success. Devote time early on to clarify these within your team and with your marketing partners…



Why You Can’t Get Your Reps to Sell the New Products: Look to Your Sales Enablement Plan

Your product road map provides validated ideas that deliver real value. It sets your organization up to capture more market share. But having a well-balanced product road map is only half of the equation…


Building an Accurate Business Model is the Key to Ensuring Product Launch Success

Don’t let your product launch fail. Work through the appropriate business considerations when launching a new product…




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Dan Bernoske

Develops innovative revenue growth solutions and designs the SBI client experience.

Prior to SBI, Dan held business development, sales, and product management leadership positions at several start-up companies, developing Apple iOS platforms and E-Commerce-based social networks. Most notably, Dan was co-founder of Video Lantern, an online video advertising sales and operations firm. He is Six Sigma certified from GE.

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