Every Sunday morning we will publish a photograph of an SBI’er “in action” which is meant to illustrate how much fun we have working with you.


This project has one purpose: to celebrate you, our clients and followers.


Companies, firms, and fads come and go. But, because of you, SBI, the firm we love, has become a leader and has withstood the test of time. And as a result, smiles have been put on many faces. Thank you.


You can follow the project, and get to know our people, at #SBIFirstTenYears.




SBI consultants develop deep and lasting relationships with clients.  For example, here’s a photo of Perry Offer, the CEO of Dialogue Communications, and Daniel Korten, an SBI Client Success Manager. They are out to dinner on Regents Street in London, on a Friday evening after work.


SBI’s brand promise is simple:  We help you “Make Your Number.”  Dan is showing Perry an SBI award he won for helping Dialogue make their number.  It’s called the “Results” award.  The SBI team that worked with Dialogue achieved outstanding results.  If you’d like to know how we did it, just let us know.