Every Sunday morning we will publish a photograph of an SBI’er “in action” which is meant to illustrate how much fun we have working with you.


This project has one purpose: to celebrate you, our clients and followers.


Companies, firms, and fads come and go. But, because of you, SBI, the firm we love, has become a leader and has withstood the test of time. And as a result, smiles have been put on many faces. Thank you.


You can follow the project, and get to know our people, at #SBIFirstTenYears.




One Way for a CEO to Motivate His Team:


Dave Dutch, on the right, is the CEO of PayLease.  He’s pictured here at dinner last fall with SBI Principal Ryan Tognazzini.  Why is Dave’s hair so long?  He made a bet with his team that he wouldn’t cut it until the company did one million transactions in a month.  The company hit its goal in Q1 of this year.


We’re blessed to work will all types of leaders – and this one will go to any length to Make his Number, which means he aligns perfectly with SBI.