Every Sunday morning we will publish a photograph of an SBI’er “in action” which is meant to illustrate how much fun we have working with you.


This project has one purpose: to celebrate you, our clients and followers.


Companies, firms, and fads come and go. But, because of you, SBI, the firm we love, has become a leader and has withstood the test of time. And as a result, smiles have been put on many faces. Thank you.


You can follow the project, and get to know our people, at #SBIFirstTenYears.


Berlin Wall


Here is a picture of SBI Partner Matt Sharrers competing in a Tough Mudder.  Why are we sharing this with you?


This picture says a lot about who we are and how we work.  To complete a Tough Mudder one is required to get dirty, and overcome many obstacles, such as the wall Matt is climbing in this photo.


You, our client, must do something similar to Make Your Number.  Each day you stick your nose in the mud, and will yourself to succeed, one deal at a time.


You and the good people at SBI are a lot a like.


So, next time you need someone to jump in the ring with you and slug it out, give us a call. A little blood, sweat, and tears is just how we like it.