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New Trends in Technology Enabling the Inside Sales Function

An estimated $6,181 is spent on technology for each inside sales person per year and expected to increase 6.5% in 2018. Read this article to dive deeper into the various categories of technology that have emerged, and to discover key questions that should be answered prior to pursuing a new sales technology…


3 Ways to Deliver Greater Results from Your Sales Process

For your organization to drive growth faster than the market, move forward by infusing your process with competitive intelligence…


Competitive Intelligence at the Field Level – the Untapped ‘X’ Factor for Sales Enablement Teams

Your field level are in the business of transacting on a daily frequency. How do you adapt and react to what’s going on in the field prior to your next quarterly planning session?


Digital Self Assessments and The Role They Play in Hiring “A Player” Talent

The best candidates are not hired into roles by accident. “A Player” talent is found on purpose by utilizing to a data-driven objective process for identifying and selecting the individuals who will succeed in the role…


The Sales Leader’s Journey from Public to Private

The CSO for Lionbridge demonstrates how to prepare the sales force to transition and thrive during the due diligence process going from being publicly owned to being private equity owned…



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Josh Horstmann

Brings a deep level of experience and insight in helping organizations develop and execute their corporate, sales and marketing strategies.

Josh specializes in helping clients solve demanding sales and marketing challenges through aligning functional strategies within an organization. He has worked with clients in manufacturing, ecommerce, software, financial services and technology sectors.


Recently he helped transform an international services company ‘go to market’ strategy, which included assessing talent, re-organizing the sales force, increasing team productivity, reducing the cost of sale and aligning the marketing and sales strategies.


Josh continues to provide thought leadership to his clients advising them on how to build inside sales teams, develop compensation programs, share best practices on social selling, transform sales organizations, drive demand generation programs and acquire and cultivate talent. Along with this he helps organizations align functional strategies.


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