“The Challenger Customer” by Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon, Pat Spenner and Nick Toman was one of the most popular sales books last year. It was written as a sequel to the highly successful book, “The Challenger Sale.” Watch here as my colleague, Andrew Urteaga, and I review this critically acclaimed book to determine how it can help drive revenue growth.


We start the show by examining the impact the book can have on sales. Specifically, we will discuss how this book applies to competitive differentiation. Too often sales teams end up competing on price. In order to overcome this issue, we’ll explain why you must understand the difference between strategy and tactics. And why you must look at your overall sales strategy when solving your sales problems.


Next, we will review how to apply “The Challenger Customer” to your organization. We’ll discuss the changes in buyer dynamics, and the concept of the buying decision team. We’ll walk through the importance of strategic alignment, both internally and with the external marketplace, and how to ensure your strategy aligns with these new buyers.


We’ll wrap up the show by discussing how this successful book can help you adjust your sales strategy in order to make your number. Watch as we review the book and explain how to best systemize your revenue growth.


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