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Taking a New Product to Market

Christopher Bray, the Senior Vice President and GM for Cylance, details how to take a new product to market…


What Successful Product Leaders Do to Boost Profits

Follow the three steps in this article to create a profitable product road map. Winning product teams treat each product investment as a business…


Discounting – the Weak Link in Your Pricing Strategy for the Indirect Channel

We have found that the indirect channel can be a valuable asset if managed appropriately. It can enable firms to scale quickly and gain access to markets that might otherwise be costly and challenging to enter into…


3 Pricing Program Initiatives to Continue Monetization in 2019

Are you considering pursuing new pricing initiatives to set yourself up for a successful 2019? To truly differentiate yourself in the market, top companies think about how they can continue to monetize their customer base…


What Are the Business Models Needed to Justify a New Product That Grows Revenue?

Have you ever launched a new product, and everything went according to plan…except that the revenue impact was not what you had projected? If you’ve been a product leader long enough, this has almost certainly happened to you. But why?



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Dan Bernoske

Develops innovative revenue growth solutions and designs the SBI client experience.

Prior to SBI, Dan held business development, sales, and product management leadership positions at several start-up companies, developing Apple iOS platforms and E-Commerce-based social networks. Most notably, Dan was co-founder of Video Lantern, an online video advertising sales and operations firm. He is Six Sigma certified from GE.

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