Dave Loeser, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources, is here to share his expertise on how to match executive talent to the corporate strategy.


Our guest today is Dave Loeser, Sr. Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources for Unisys. Dave has built executive teams at Pepsico, Quaker State, Mitel, and now Unisys, and is here to share his expertise on how to match executive talent to the corporate strategy.


Dave answers questions out of SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook to demonstrate how to match the capabilities of the executive leadership team to the objectives and requirements in the corporate strategy.


Why this topic? The revenue growth objective is heavily dependent on having superstar executive talent. Field an average team and miss the revenue growth objective. At times, the revenue growth strategy calls for a new set of competencies that the existing team does not possess. And sometimes the competitors have a talent advantage that results in them winning more than they should. Mismatch talent and corporate strategy and suffer from significant execution problems.


Each of the questions below is timestamped for viewing convenience.


Thrive in Your Industry by Being Able to Choose the Best-in-Class Leaders:


  • What do your sales and marketing leaders need to be best-in-class in to thrive in your industry? 4:45
  • What is the evaluation criteria you use when selecting sales and marketing leadership talent? 6:58
  • What is the evaluation criteria you use when analyzing the performance of sales and marketing leadership talent? 9:56 and 11:40


“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. If you can find out, in a candidate, what kind of people they associate with and what drives those associations. I was exceptional as a General Manager for one reason, and that’s that I knew how to pick the right people. So some of the things start as very simple. Trend’s your friend, and we’re the average of the five people we associate with most often.


Understand and Avoid the Three Tyrannies of Business in Order to Enable Revolutionary Ideas:


  • Is the growth objective dependent on exceptional sales and marketing talent, or will great product/industry experience be sufficient? 16:49
  • What investments are you making today in sales and marketing leadership that will lead to long-term value creation? 20:23
  •  How have routes to market changed in recent years, and how did this impact the requirements for sales and marketing talent? Specifically, discuss the three tyrannies, what those are and their importance. 22:52


“There are three tyrannies. There’s the tyranny of incrementalism, the tyranny of routine, and the tyranny of managing. And the tyranny of incrementalism is: small ideas to small things are a waste of time. Small ideas to big things are dangerous, because they give you the illusion of change. Big ideas to small things are okay, but you need a boatload of them. And what really transforms a business and what makes people successful are big ideas to big things…”


Learn What Attributes and Competencies Your Buyers Value in Sales and Marketing Leadership Talent:


  • Is it best to have different sales and marketing leaders for each market segment that you serve, or is it best to have a single leadership team for all market segments? 32:09
  • Do the profiles of your sales and marketing leaders reflect the profiles of the buyers inside your target accounts? 36:13
  • What attributes and competencies do your buyers value in sales and marketing leadership talent? 38:52


“It’s now empirically proven there are five attributes to successful people… Leadership, integrity, teamwork, results, and smarts, in that order. Fourteen years ago, you had to have three of those attributes to be successful and move up. Recently it was four, and we’re moving towards all five…”


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