Speakers: Tracy Cote | , SBI








How can you make your company a great company to sell for? I recently spoke with Tracy Cote, the SVP of Human Resources at Genesys about how she attracts and retains top sales talent. You can listen here. Genesys is an enterprise software company that is the number one provider of omni-channel solutions and contact center solutions. They were also recently featured on SBI’s list of the 10 best companies to sell for.


During the interview, Tracy will answer questions such as:


  • Why would a sales rep want to work for a company like Genesys?
  • How can you ensure your compensation plan is competitive?
  • What investments should organizations make to support their sales talent?
  • How can you make your company easy to buy from, and easy to sell for?
  • How should HR approach strategic alignment across the organization?


In today’s B2B sales world, oftentimes the job candidate has the advantage. This makes it difficult to attract top sales talent. Listen as Tracy explains how to become a great company to sell for. If you aren’t, you will end up settling for less than stellar talent. And will miss your revenue growth objectives.